Sunday, January 9

Custom Created Art in Nashville Tennessee

One of my favorite things to do is create custom art. From beginning to end I think about the person I'm making it for and how I can give them art that's truly authentic.  I ask myself,

"What would they like and what do I see?"

Recently, I had the pleasure to create a Christmas present painting for Country Music star, Deana Carter.  Above all other paintings, this one was my favorite because I connected with it on a very personal level.  Using a photograph of Deana and her Dad, Fred Carter, I had to make the painting look like the picture, but not be an exact portrait. (below)

Deana and her Dad had a very special bond through music.  She pursued the music industry in Nashville because of him.  Fred Carter was the premier guitar player in Nashville in the 1960s and recorded with Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and Joan Boez to name a few.  I connected with this story because I have a very similar bond with my Dad through music.

I paint and write about everything music because growing up my Dad always had a guitar in his hand.  He continues to inspire everything I do.  I understood their father/daughter bond through music and put that energy into the painting.

That experience is a perfect example of why I love making art for other people.  Connecting with others is one of life's greatest gifts.

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