Wednesday, January 19

Nashville Arts Is Going, Going, Gone!

Nashville's art scene has passed go, collected $200 and doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down. There is so much going on it's almost impossible to keep up from week to week.

Lucky for us, the ladies over at Nashville Arts Magazine and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts are keeping Music City informed one status update at a time.

Meagan Nordmann and Andee Rudloff are social media maniacs fueling the fire with news, events and information all about the arts in Nashville.  If you want to know what's going on, follow the facebook pages they manage:

The nice thing about Nashvillians is that we all work together. We help spread the word about upcoming events through our facebook, twitter and blogs.  So I'm doing my part and telling you about what they're tweeting:

Andee says, "The Birth of Impressionism exhibit at the Frist is saying goodbye!  This weekend is your last chance to check it out so The Frist has scheduled extended hours for just this occasion.  Go learn more about it on their website:"

Meagan exclaims, "Have you heard about Nashville Art's Behind the Scene videos?!? If you missed the party, you can still see what went on while you were out.  Visit our YouTube Channel for all videos, but before you go here is little taste from the painting party held last week:"

Yes there's more!  Go check out these other events that are going on Country Strong:

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greenlight said...

Beth, I think that YOU also keep us all informed and inspired. I always love reading your blog!!

Beth said...

Thank you so much! If you ever have any ideas for articles I'd love your input. Peace.