Wednesday, July 27

Two Old Hippies Come To Nashville

Now don't jump to conclusions ... I'm not talking about my parents coming to Nashville, I'm talking about Two Old Hippies from Aspen, Colorado are opening up 8,000 square feet of retail space in the Gulch.

Lifestyle store, Two Old Hippies is birthing a new baby in Nashville, TN and their peace, love and rock n' roll philosophy is coming to town too!  They feature clothing, gifts and guitars and it's going to quickly become a new Nashville favorite.

They are in the beginning of building their space now, next to Urban Outfitters on 12th and Pine and plan to open September 1st.  Keep your eyes peeled because they have completed their outdoor sign and it fits in perfectly with the style of the building and the spirit of Nashville.

I'm really looking forward to this new store because it just seems like it is exactly what Music City needs.  They are passionate about music and art, a growing trend I see in Nashville and plan on having live music throughout the day.  So songwriters keep your schedules open to start playing in this great new venue.  Artists, I've already asked if they'd be up for selling original Nashville art in their store and I'm still waiting to hear back on their decision.

I would like to welcome them to town and wish them the best, this store is going to be far out!  Follow them on facebook and twitter for more information about their move to Music City!

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katyaspen said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks for the great post on your blog! See you in September! You rock!
~Two Old Hippies