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"Beth brings imagination to life. Not only is Beth an incredibly wonderful individual, but an absolutely incredible painter. She took a small idea that I had for the Austin skyline and brought it to life better than I could have ever imagined. She mixed the Austin skyline with various Austin landmarks and laid them on a beautiful blue background. She then took this piece of artwork over the edge by covering the outside of the canvas with treated sheet music of Texas classics such as "Deep in the Heart of Texas." No detail was overlooked, and I now own my favorite painting of all time. Her creativity and attention to detail is incredible and makes her an artist that you should do anything and everything to work with.” Chet Garner, The Daytripper

"Beth Inglish is a force - a whirlwind - a creative buzzing talented positive energy in our world. Beth has no fears about pushing boundaries in her music or her marketing or her personal growth. She knows if you don't try it you can't succeed - and if you fail - there's a lesson to build on. Her art is fresh and eye catching at first. At a lengthier study the textures and depth can be mesmerizing. Beth is also a community involved artist - taking every opportunity to create and donate for causes in our area. Beth's love of life and people only adds to the attraction of her art and music!" Karen Moore Josephson

"I met Beth Inglish through her art. A mutal friend had some of her peices and I loved them. I then saw a mosaic table in an auction and bought it, it was Beth's. I went to an arts festival and bought a painting, it was Beth's. I loved a poster she painted for a client and she turned it into advertising for a Mississippi concert. Her art is truly musically inspired and what a great place to be based out of than Nashville, TN! She is the best kept secret right now as an upcoming artist in town. Her talent will soon be discovered and I will be happy just knowing that I found her before her fame did!‎" Karen Moore

"Beth Inglish is not just up and coming.... she is here! Her paintings are incredible... while she has some themes among her work, there is a variety of styles, moods, & types, but her guitar paintings are a favorite of mine. I recently commissioned her to do a Mississippi cotton field with a glowing sunset for a gift. Unbelievable! Her work is fabulous & her talent so deep. She is not only an incredible artist, but a beautiful Christian girl!‎" Jeanie Barrier

"Beth is an incredible artist and generous person. Beth has graciously donated artwork to our Nashville fundraiser, a silent art auction that raises money for pediatric motor neuron diseases, for two years in a row. At this year's event which happened to be the week of her wedding, Beth graciously made our event a priority, finishing a fantastic piece for us, a bright painting of guitar tops. Beth's painting was in such high demand, it created a bidding war and sold for well above value. We are truly honored to count Beth as one of our featured artists!" Lauren Schick, Thisbe and Noah Scott Foundation

"Beth's charisma and positive energy clearly transfer to her art work. She is a joy to be around and her art reflects her personality...uplifting, unique and creative. Not only is she an amazing artist, but a savvy business person as well. She has done an incredible job of creating a name for herself and running a very professional business at the same time. I can't wait to see and hear more from binglish!" Charmaine Hunt


“Beth did the artwork for an event I was hosting. Her creativity was one of the event's biggest stars. She was easy to work with throughout the design process, listening to every idea and input I had. The end result was exactly what I wanted! Above her skills, she's just so nice!” Brian Copeland, Nashville And Beyond


“Beth Inglish has written several articles for Nashville Arts Magazine and her work is always exceptionally creative and turned in well before deadline. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and can draw this out of people around her. Her interviews and articles dig deep and always prove to be fascinating. Our publication is honored to have her work in our pages and look forward to more in the near future!" Meagan Nordmann, Nashville Arts Magazine

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