Thursday, August 4

Sneak Peek: Tomato Art Fest 2011

The Tomato Art Festival is almost here and we're all dying to see what the local community of artists have cooked up this year.

There is nothing quite like the moment when you walk in through the front doors at Art and Invention Gallery and see the walls covered from floor-to-ceiling with tomato art.  It jolts with you a shot of energy and fills your heart with joy that only the Tomato Art Festival can create.  That's exactly why it's been voted "Best Art Festival" 4 years in a row by the readers of the Nashville Scene.

I wanted to feature a few paintings that will be in the show to satisfy your taste buds with a little savory tomato flavor.  The following artists range from professional to hobbyist, but they all have a passion for everything tomato.

To see the paintings live come out to the festival on Saturday, August 13th for a day full of fun.  There will be contests, live music, friends and family that will welcome you into the streets of Five Points in East Nashville for a day unlike any other.  For more information go straight to the source for all details and more artwork at

Waiting by Andy Detwiler
Untitled by Randy Purcell
Watercolor Art by Taylor Branam
Mosaic Heart by Hosanna Banks
Tomato on a Guitar Vine by Beth Inglish
Tomato Gravy by Andy Detwiler
Tortured Tomato by Randy Purcell


Nashville Carpet Cleaners said...

This is really good! , very creative from the artist

Beth said...

Thanks! I can't wait for the festival :)