Monday, February 6

New Music I Love: Pearl and the Beard

Yesterday a friend told me to check out Pearl and the Beard.  I'm so glad I did!  They are awesome. Check out their bio and video:
Pearl and the Beard is three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, one accordion, ninety-six teeth, and one soul. 
Former strangers Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price, and Jeremy Styles were united in the great city of New York. Each had migrated there from a far corner of the nation with naught but food in their pockets and money in their bellies. Each had the same true love. Since then, the three have nested, and their unique brand of brightly melodic songcraft continues to blossom of its own accord. 
The band’s genre-bending and expectation-defying sound has since burst the trio out of the confines of the New York music scene, allowing them to traipse the United States on a multitude of national tours and across the pond for a hugely successful inaugural UK tour in 2011. They’ve caught the attention of The Boston Globe, Filter Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and thousands of wildly dedicated fans both local and international. Their haunting music video for “The Lament of Coronado Brown”even made its debut on NPR’s acclaimed music site, All Songs Considered. 
Pearl and the Beard’s live show is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The band captivates their audience from first note to last, leaving fans and press alike completely engrossed in the world they’ve created with their soaring and sensual songs. From subway platform to park to field to brightly lit venue stage, Pearl and the Beard take over whatever space they occupy, including the people occupying it with them, prompting The Wall Street Journal to comment “…as Pearl and the Beard joyfully belted… to a growing crowd on the [subway] platform… commuters missed their trains to stay and listen, unsure what was happening—only that it was a New York moment not to be missed.” 
Pearl and the Beard loves you the way you’ve always been… and it’s quickly becoming clear that wherever they go, the feeling is mutual.

Thursday, February 2

Nashville I Need You

This month I really need your advice!  I have a couple arts shows coming up in March and this month I am painting a new series of iconic Nashville scenes.

That's where you come in!  Please leave a comment and tell me your ideas of where I should paint.  I'm thinking Downtown, Hillsboro Village and many more locations.  If you have a favorite corner I need to know where it is so I can set-up an easel and paint.  If your idea is chosen I will give you a free print of the painting!

The photo below of Johnny Cash is a strong option!  What do you think?  Please share and retweet so I can  get as many ideas as possible.  Thank you :)

Wednesday, February 1

Nashville's Meat-and-Three's & Things for Free

Well well well and my oh my there's a ton of exciting music and art events happening in the next few days and coming month.

So I'm going to keep it simple and give you the low down on the all the music and art centered events with info and links.  Please retweet and share!

Thursday, February 2nd

The Hillsboro Village Art Walk is this Thursday from 5-8 pm with many new artists and exhibits!  Chuck Beard (local art blogger) has already summed up the event in his recent review, Another Month of Love and Art. See ya at the walk!

Friday, February 3rd

Meet n' 3 is like a Friday night fair of all your favorite things -- local art, food trucks, music and the Farmer's Market!  The event will go down on Friday from 6-9 pm at the Farmer's Market.  It's sponsored by Metro Arts Commission, Nashville Food Trucks, & Lightning 100--Nashville's Independent Radio!  One of my favorite local artists and friend, Bennett Art will be showing her newest work.  Don't miss the party!

Saturday, February 4th

Downtown Art Crawl is Saturday, need I say more?  You know the drill -- dress up, get downtown and preview Nashville's most exciting galleries from 6-9 pm.

If you've never been to the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum -- now is your chance!  Save twenty bucks and go on Saturday -- it's FREE!

On Going and Upcoming Events

Lucy's Country Cafe is a brand new meat n' three restaurant that opened last Monday by hit songwriter Bobby Pinson (“All I Want To Do,” “Lost You Anyway”) and his wife Lucy.  It's in the Bluebar on Division Street and serves an all-you-can eat menu of meats and your favorite vegetables.  Also starting February 8th will be Wednesday night Sing for Your Supper as a great songwriters night – hosted by Terri Jo Box and brought to you by Nashville Muse.

On February 10th at the Nashville Library there will be a workshop where you can make Valentines Day cards out of recycled materials.  It's free fun for the whole family!

The 4 Amigos Guitar Show will be February 18th and 19th at the Factory in Franklin.  It's a guitar lovers dream with new and used gear and is designed to offer more than just a chance to buy and sell guitars. Many Nashville personalities attend this event, so you might see your favorite artist on location.

If you are craving more music and art then check out ArtNowNashville!  It has awesome weekly reviews of everything creative in Nashville.

Have an awesome February and enjoy all the music and art opportunities in the amazing Music City!  

Information about these events have been collected through my network via email newsletters, facebook and twitter posts.  If you would like your music and art events promoted please email me at or post the information to my attention on facebook and twitter.

Friday, January 27

Guitar Review: The Bedell OH-12-GS

Today I have a new guest blogger, my husband, Chad McMillian!  He is a guitar genius and recently started blogging for Two Old Hippies.  I hope he becomes a regular here, because his knowledge of guitars is incredible!

Hi, This is Chad at Two Old Hippies in Nashville. The Bedell OH-12-GS is one of my favorite guitars. I love small body guitars and this little parlor from Bedell is no exception. The solid African sapele top, back and sides afford a rich, warm tone that complements finger-style guitar playing. The OH-12-GS is a little bigger than most parlor guitars making it great for strumming or finger picking. It has a slotted headstock which not only looks great but provides more bearing pressure over the nut for more punch and sustain. The 1.75″ nut width is extremely comfortable in the hand and is what most finger-style players prefer.

I have played much more expensive guitars from many manufacturers but this little beauty is hard to beat. The binding and rosette are all solid wood, and the bridge, fret board and headstock veneer are ebony. This guitar is also available with a Sitka spruce top (OH-18-GS) if you want a brighter tone. It comes with a deluxe hard shell case.

Stop by Two Old Hippies in the Gulch and try one out for yourself. Or, check one out here online:

Wednesday, January 25

Doak Turner, A Songwriter's Guardian Angel

For the past nine years, Doak Turner has been bringing Nashville's songwriter community to the web and into our lives.

When he first arrived in Music City he couldn't cut-and-paste or play guitar, but today runs three blogs, multiple newsletters and is your go-to-guy for everything songwriting.

Doak's story is very similar to those who come to Nashville chasing a dream.  He's part of the club, just like me, made of people who moved here to start a whole new life. His past life was in radio, which lead him to Nashville from Charlotte North Carolina, (originally from St. Albans, WV) but his passion is songwriting and that’s where his Music City journey begins.

Doak simply started by sharing.  He shares who-plays-where to 4,000 subscribers in the music community through his weekly e-zine, The Nashville Muse. He even opens up his home to songwriters to play, eat and network once a month at the 3rd Sunday at 3.
"A lot of people play their first songs in Nashville at my house at the 3rd Sunday. It’s just a bunch of friends sitting around, we’re not judging we’re not critiquing. March will be 9 years of the 3rd Sunday at 3 and now 107 months later it’s still going."
He's such a super giving guy and is why so many people trust and cherish the services that he brings to the songwriter community.  He truly was put here in Nashville to help others and guide us as our guardian angel.

If you're a songwriter in Nashville or thinking of moving to Nashville, I highly recommend that you visit The Nashville Muse, Music Starts Here and Doak's Blog for online resources.

I have many more stories to tell from our interview, but those will have to wait for another day in another post.  Until then I'll leave you with some of Doak's words of wisdom:
"Love the journey, love the people and keep each other on the journey. That’s what it’s all about."

Doak's Writer's Night Winners

Red Rooster on Wednesday nights with Lorna Flowers
The Listening Room Cafe
The Commodore Grill with Debi Champion
Douglas Corner Cafe
Bluebird Cafe
Blair School of Music hosted by Deanna Walker

Doak's Online Resource Recommendations

The Music Starts Here
NSAI, Nashville's Songwriters Association International
Charles Alexander's Rock Your Net
Vinny Ribas Indie Connect Magazine
Marc-Alan Barnette
Steve Leslie

Doak Brags on Books

Make Me a Star: Industry Insiders Tell How to Make the Cut, Make the Deal, and Make It in Music
Music Success In Nine Weeks
Think and Grow Rich
The Power of Positive Thinking
Crash Course: Getting Things Done Now: 17 Proven Principles for Overcoming Procrastination (Crash Course (J. Countryman))

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