Wednesday, January 25

Doak Turner, A Songwriter's Guardian Angel

For the past nine years, Doak Turner has been bringing Nashville's songwriter community to the web and into our lives.

When he first arrived in Music City he couldn't cut-and-paste or play guitar, but today runs three blogs, multiple newsletters and is your go-to-guy for everything songwriting.

Doak's story is very similar to those who come to Nashville chasing a dream.  He's part of the club, just like me, made of people who moved here to start a whole new life. His past life was in radio, which lead him to Nashville from Charlotte North Carolina, (originally from St. Albans, WV) but his passion is songwriting and that’s where his Music City journey begins.

Doak simply started by sharing.  He shares who-plays-where to 4,000 subscribers in the music community through his weekly e-zine, The Nashville Muse. He even opens up his home to songwriters to play, eat and network once a month at the 3rd Sunday at 3.
"A lot of people play their first songs in Nashville at my house at the 3rd Sunday. It’s just a bunch of friends sitting around, we’re not judging we’re not critiquing. March will be 9 years of the 3rd Sunday at 3 and now 107 months later it’s still going."
He's such a super giving guy and is why so many people trust and cherish the services that he brings to the songwriter community.  He truly was put here in Nashville to help others and guide us as our guardian angel.

If you're a songwriter in Nashville or thinking of moving to Nashville, I highly recommend that you visit The Nashville Muse, Music Starts Here and Doak's Blog for online resources.

I have many more stories to tell from our interview, but those will have to wait for another day in another post.  Until then I'll leave you with some of Doak's words of wisdom:
"Love the journey, love the people and keep each other on the journey. That’s what it’s all about."

Doak's Writer's Night Winners

Red Rooster on Wednesday nights with Lorna Flowers
The Listening Room Cafe
The Commodore Grill with Debi Champion
Douglas Corner Cafe
Bluebird Cafe
Blair School of Music hosted by Deanna Walker

Doak's Online Resource Recommendations

The Music Starts Here
NSAI, Nashville's Songwriters Association International
Charles Alexander's Rock Your Net
Vinny Ribas Indie Connect Magazine
Marc-Alan Barnette
Steve Leslie

Doak Brags on Books

Make Me a Star: Industry Insiders Tell How to Make the Cut, Make the Deal, and Make It in Music
Music Success In Nine Weeks
Think and Grow Rich
The Power of Positive Thinking
Crash Course: Getting Things Done Now: 17 Proven Principles for Overcoming Procrastination (Crash Course (J. Countryman))

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