Friday, April 29

Congratulations Kate and Will from Nashville, Tennessee

This morning billions of people from around the globe turned on their televisions to watch as Kate Middleton and Prince William were married in London.  It was truly a fairytale story that every little girl dreams about one day happening to her!  It created a whirlwind of joyous feelings that spread into people's hearts worldwide.  I must admit it certainly made my day better to finally see happy news on the news.

It was especially exciting for me too, because I will be getting married to my own prince charming in September!  It made me feel like my wedding day arrived early.  Now I'm even more excited about my dress, invitations, flowers and everything it takes to plan a wedding.  See how my plans are going at

I would like to wish the happy couple a life full of love and thank them for sharing their special day with everyone around the world. Inspired by today's events, I am exited to share one of my favorite paintings by Nashville artist, Michael Grine. Enjoy!

Union Jack, 36 x 24, Acrylic on Canvas by Michael Grine

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