Friday, January 27

Guitar Review: The Bedell OH-12-GS

Today I have a new guest blogger, my husband, Chad McMillian!  He is a guitar genius and recently started blogging for Two Old Hippies.  I hope he becomes a regular here, because his knowledge of guitars is incredible!

Hi, This is Chad at Two Old Hippies in Nashville. The Bedell OH-12-GS is one of my favorite guitars. I love small body guitars and this little parlor from Bedell is no exception. The solid African sapele top, back and sides afford a rich, warm tone that complements finger-style guitar playing. The OH-12-GS is a little bigger than most parlor guitars making it great for strumming or finger picking. It has a slotted headstock which not only looks great but provides more bearing pressure over the nut for more punch and sustain. The 1.75″ nut width is extremely comfortable in the hand and is what most finger-style players prefer.

I have played much more expensive guitars from many manufacturers but this little beauty is hard to beat. The binding and rosette are all solid wood, and the bridge, fret board and headstock veneer are ebony. This guitar is also available with a Sitka spruce top (OH-18-GS) if you want a brighter tone. It comes with a deluxe hard shell case.

Stop by Two Old Hippies in the Gulch and try one out for yourself. Or, check one out here online:

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