Thursday, February 2

Nashville I Need You

This month I really need your advice!  I have a couple arts shows coming up in March and this month I am painting a new series of iconic Nashville scenes.

That's where you come in!  Please leave a comment and tell me your ideas of where I should paint.  I'm thinking Downtown, Hillsboro Village and many more locations.  If you have a favorite corner I need to know where it is so I can set-up an easel and paint.  If your idea is chosen I will give you a free print of the painting!

The photo below of Johnny Cash is a strong option!  What do you think?  Please share and retweet so I can  get as many ideas as possible.  Thank you :)


Brittney Testerman REALTOR®, e-PRO said...

I say Hillsboro Village where the cosmetic market, retropolitan, posh, and that street. word is they might tear all that down to built apt building!

Brittney Testerman REALTOR®, e-PRO said...

Paint the block of Hillsboro Village that has retropolitian, cosmetic market, and posh. word on the street is they are trying to put apt building there so there is no telling how long those buildings will be there!