Saturday, January 1

How To Have A Happy New Year

The holidays are a whirlwind of food, friends and fa la la la la until you just need a break.  Never fear the New Year is here!

It's the time to think about how to make 2011 better than 2010.  It's the time to remember what you were going to do last year and never did.  It's the time to live without regrets.

I have a friend who just turned 50 and finally has the guts to do the things she has always wanted to do.  It's amazing to hear about her checklist and the stories she tells after each task is completed.  There's a sound of accomplishment in her voice and energy in her spirit that has finally awoken.

There's nothing like setting goals and going after them with passion.  It just feels good to think about the possibilities, but making them a reality is a whole other story.  Here are a few tips that will help you keep it together for the long run:

Make a list.  Getting an idea past your thoughts and onto paper really helps to visualize your goals.  It makes it more real when you have to see it, read it and believe it.  Post your ideas around you so that you'll be constantly reminded of what you're after; on the mirror, refrigerator or another favorite spot around the house.

Take a Break. There's nothing that fosters longevity in you and your dreams more than relaxation.  It's impossible to succeed at anything if you're not 100% focused.  The only way to stay level headed is to live that way.  Don't worry, be patient and have faith.

Persevere.  Life is never what you expect, so no matter what never give up.  The only way to keep the dream alive is to make it part of your everyday life.  It you work hard, it will happen.

Celebrate!  Everything, all the time.

Try out these ideas and I promise you will start to see a wonderful year full of opportunities.  I hope this one is your best one yet!

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