Wednesday, May 25

Erika Chambers & The Vespers at Puckett's, May 25th

Go see this show!  I first met Erika Chambers over a year ago at The Rutledge when I saw her perform for the first time.  Since then we've become friends and even did a music and art show together benefiting The Contributor newspaper in October 2010.

One day last summer while having lunch at PM on Belmont she graciously gave me her new album and immediately it become one of my favorites!  Her music is nothing but beautiful melodies with lyrics that fill you full of hope, all sung by the voice of an angel.  I say she is an angel because she truly following a path illuminated by God.

One of my favorite lyrics in her song, Light at Eventide, was used in a graphic print I created for the The Contributor art show last fall.  It says, "Chase the shadows from my soul, fill my sky with rays of hope, so I know I'm not alone."  That particular phrase struck my heart because when the darkness in life tries to overcome me, all it takes is a prayer to be filled with the spirit again, and she understands that too.  I know God brought our paths together many many times and that insight is something I do not take lightly.

So do not miss her show tonight at Puckett's in Franklin!  She will be joined by special guests, The Vespers, for a first time, one of a kind, combo show that will be a special treat for all that attend.  For more information please click here.

P.S. If you miss the show tonight, she will be playing at Musician's Corner this Saturday, May 28th 3-6 PM.

Artist Bio

Erika Chambers is a modern artist with a nostalgic twist. She has a passion for introducing new 'traditional' roots music into the classic folk scene. New listeners often assume that Erika's songs are creative renditions of old folk favorites and are surprised to find that she pens nearly every song she performs. Her music is timeless, and her voice delicately captures that quality in every song. With her unique writing style, unforgettable vocals, and captivating instrumentation, Erika is quickly capturing the attention of the Americana / Bluegrass music scene in Nashville and throughout the country. On, the online independent music giant, Erika has won nearly forty awards, including Track of the Week and Best Female Vocals on numerous occasions.

Show at 7:00, No Cover Charge, Tips Appreciated, call 615-794-5527 for dinner reservations.

Graphic Print by Beth Inglish, Lyrics by Erika Chambers

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