Monday, March 14

Social Insecurity :: Facebook vs. Twitter

Last week I had late lunch with a friend of mine at Taco Mamasita we were discussing how to connect with more people through social media.

She was very enthusiastic about twitter and then on the other hand I was all about facebook. We really couldn't come to an agreement about which one was better. To me it's like asking someone what is their favorite ice cream flavor, it could be vanilla or chocolate, but in the end it's still ice cream.

People who know I'm active online ask me for my insight because they want to know the difference between facebook and twitter so that they can use the best one for their business. In the past I used to say it's all up to you -- just use what you're comfortable with, but now I'm about to change my opinion. Since my lunch I decided to put some energy into my twitter universe and after just a few days of tweeting I realized a big difference between the two social media spaces. I feel less insecure when I tweet.

That may sound crazy, but it's true. I feel freer to post on twitter than I do facebook. On facebook there is an open door for people to like or not to like, for them to comment or not to comment. Playing the waiting game for social activity can drive a person nuts, but on twitter I can just post and move on. The twitter and facebook communities are just different and it's not always easy to see. Unless you're socially active with these groups on a daily basis it's hard to decipher which is which.

I know social media is supposed to be "for fun" because it's a social experience, but putting yourself out there in the world can be difficult. No matter what, it's best just to be yourself so choose a community where you can do that with ease.

You can find me tweeting at

What are you thoughts? Do you choose Facebook or twitter?


Amber said...

Great blog! I do both, but I've found that Twitter has opened my online social world up so much more than Facebook ever did. I use Facebook to keep in touch with the people I already know, and Twitter to meet new people.

Beth said...

I agree! Facebook seems like it's more for friends and Twitter is more for business and industry. Thanks for reading :)