Wednesday, March 9

New Exhibit at Dunn Bros Downtown Nashville

Lately I've been getting more and more excited about street art the further I dive into this new genre. Blank walls are starting to appear out of nowhere and my urge to create for the streets continues to grow stronger. New opportunities are everywhere I look, so I feel completely sure that this is the path I should take with my art.

The good news is last week I created and installed eight new pieces of semi-street art at Dunn Bros Coffee in Downtown Nashville. I'm referring to it as "semi" because this is just the first step for me, it's not out on the streets yet. The mixed media pieces feature a few songwriter friends of mine playing their guitars. The images were pasted onto wood panels to reflect the rawness of how it would appear on the street. These panels are just a sample of what will start appearing this upcoming Spring.

So if you're downtown in the next couple of months head over the 4th and Church and stop into Dunn Bros to see the exhibit!

If you would like to participate in this project please contact me at I am currently scheduling photo shoots with musicians and songwriters and appointments with local business and neighborhood associations.

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Tennessee Carpet Cleaning said...

This looks like a really cool exhibit.