Wednesday, March 16

The Music City Center Creates Incredible Opportunity for Local Visual Artists

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your artwork displayed in a first class facility that will give you rock star bragging rights? Heck yeah!

The Music City Center and the Metro Nashville Arts Commission are joining forces because they need Nashville's best and brightest local artists! They are "committed to having artworks representing local artists in the Music City Center on opening day, as well as works from regional, national and international artists."

What is The Music City Center?

Nashville has a long and successful history as a convention and tourism destination, with visitors to “Music City, USA” serving as a vital and integral part of our spirit and our economy.

While the Music City Center is most obviously about the brick-and-mortar facility to serve our guests, it will also serve as the city’s front porch, located in the heart of downtown Nashville. It will be a gathering spot for hundreds of thousands of visitors seeing our city for the first time, just steps from the Ryman Auditorium and the Broadway honky tonks, the musical venues that have launched thousands of careers and help generate the city’s nickname.

The new convention center will not just host visitors, but serve as a central meeting point for Nashville’s residents. A wide green pavilion will encircle the building on all sides, calling Nashvillians to enjoy the area’s newest landmark and serve as public space for art and music. (Text and images from

Local Artist Opportunity

That's great news for Nashville's local art scene. MNAC truly believes that "a public art program is something that the community of Nashville can be proud of ... that it is really important that public art reflects the diversity of our community and the thoughts of our community."

But hold on a minute, it's a lot more complicated than just setting up a show. It's A LOT more work than expected, so MNAC has invited all local artists to a public art workshop on Tuesday, March 22nd.

Jennifer Cole, Executive Director of MNAC stated, "We have a commitment to the development of local artists. We believe that everybody has the opportunity to make the transition from studio to street, but we recognize that it is not the easiest process. Painting in the studio vs dealing with subcontractors and installation and lots government contracts can be complicated. In order to facilitate this The Metro Arts and the Convention Center Authority are partnering on a workshop for local artists. We will go more in depth about the features of the building, and will actually teach you on how to write a proposal for a public art process. We will also dive deeper into managing subcontractors and fabricators and things you would need to know in order to dive into the public sphere."

The workshop will be instructed by national experts, Lynn Basa (below) and Joel Straus on March 22nd and is limited to 50 participants.  To register email and for more information visit:

Public Art by Lynn Basa, photo courtesy of
 I hope to see you at the workshop!

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