Monday, March 21

Street and Public Art in Downtown Nashville

For the past six months I've had an idea swirling around my head to research the street art in Nashville. Last weekend that idea became a reality.

When you have an idea that doesn't seem to go away -- that means it's time to take action.  So last Saturday afternoon I made a date with downtown and snapped photos of all the street and public art I could find.

Based on what I discovered, it looks like there is plenty of room in Nashville for a little more color. I would love to see more 'street inspired' public art and am very interested in taking on the challenge of creating change and implementing more beauty around our community. I'm not exactly sure how to make this happen, but I'm willing to learn. It may take years, but I'm ready to start the ride. If you'd like to join me, hop on -- I'm taking passengers on this crazy train.

I know I probably missed a lot of the street artwork that's out there, so that's where I need your help. If you know of any art that needs to be seen, please email me at  Otherwise here are a few other ways you can help:
  1. Email me locations and descriptions of the art that needs to be photographed.
  2. Connect me with people who are in a position to help.
  3. Donate an outdoor space to be revitalized with art.
Any and all ideas are welcome!  Please share, email me or leave a comment.  Thank you!

Almond and Molloy next to The Encore

5th Avenue and Church Street, behind The Downtown Presbyterian Church

5th Avenue and Church Street

4th Avenue and I-40

7th Avenue and Commerce

7th Avenue and Broadway

Church Street and Capitol Blvd.

I'm so thankful for all the art that is already on the streets of downtown, but this is just the beginning and I'm hoping for more!  For the full photo album please visit:

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