Tuesday, February 8

Nashville Guitar Artwork Raises Money For Musicians

Ok fearless followers and share warriors I need your help!  The artwork I created for Retune Nashville, After The Flood, 40x40 is up for auction during the month of February -- and the whole world needs to know about it!

The starting bid is $400 and that is ridiculous!  The art was made with priceless guitars donated from famous Nashville musician (Brent Mason) who lost his guitars to the Nashville Flood of 2010.

There is also a real playable guitar built into the piece and those materials cost $$$. There are Grover banjo tuning pegs, Epiphone Les Paul pick up, Fender Stratocaster volume knob, Danelectro Mini Honeycomb amp, acoustic bridge pins and countless hours of labor!

Do you want to know the BEST part?  All the money raised goes to help out Nashville musicians.  That is crazy GOOD!

So please go to the website RetuneNashville.org and share share share!  The point is to get as many people bidding as possible so that this priceless and memorable piece of work raises lots of money for the cause it was created for.  Watch and listen to the art play music on my YouTube Channel and share that video too! Click here for the video and thank you for sharing!


Tennessee Carpet Cleaning said...

That is such a cool piece.

Beth said...

Thank you! Perhaps a bid???