Monday, February 14

Love, Grammys & Rock n' Roll

Today is an exciting day for Nashville!  Last night at the Grammy Awards Music City made us proud and today we're celebrating with lots of love.  Love for our town and love for each other.

There's no place on earth like Nashville, Tennessee and honestly I couldn't be prouder of the people who live here and make this city great.  The artists and the musicians create such amazing authentic work, no wonder we took away so many awards.  We live life in such a different way than many parts of the world; we are open, honest, supportive and loyal.

Just yesterday I noticed that special kind of love in Nashville when I retweeted this status from @JohnWEllis: "I love the sharing that’s involved with many Nashville marketers. We are not afraid to share our “secrets”.  An open-door policy." That is so true, and not just for marketers, but for everyone.  Ask anyone who comes to Nashville for the first time and you'll always hear, "The people are so nice!"

Why do you love Nashville?  What makes living here so unique and special to you?  I would love to hear about it.

So here's to you Grammy Winners, here's to you Nashville!  Have a happy Valentines Day.
Click here for a full list of all the Nashville Grammy Winners.

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