Wednesday, November 17

Ev Niewoehner's Musical Interpretations

Cuban Motion, oil, 36x48
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, Music is the universal language of mankind.  If that's true, which I believe it is, Nashville must be communicating to the world.

Musically inspired painters in Nashville are translating Music City into Music and Art City and Ev Niewoehner is showing us how.  This month Niewoehner is exhibiting his Musical Interpretations in the Premiere Gallery at the Tennessee Art League.

You may remember Ev, I blogged about him a few months back after I met him at one of the Downtown gallery crawls.  His recent exhibition opened in early November and can be seen until the end of the year.  The next best opportunity to see his work will be on December 4th during the next First Saturday Art Crawl.

I'm thankful for Ev and his musically interpretations because he is one more advocate bringing the art and music worlds together.  Nashville is known for it's music, but if my gut is right, I'd say art is what is going to be the next big attraction.

Nashville is going to communicate to the world using our eyes and ears.

The Premiere Gallery at the Tennessee Art League is located at 808 Broadway in Downtown Nashville.  For more information about Niewoehner's work please visit his website at:

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