Monday, November 29

Art Defining Music in Estel Gallery

Cash in London 1966 by Jon Langford
An art inspired by music exhibition is kinda like my dream come true with a organic cherry on top.  There's nothing I love more than art inspired by music, but that's kinda goes without saying hence the nature of this blog.

I guess my Christmas has come early this year because there are seven musically inspired artists on display at the Estel Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee.

Art Defining Music is a new exhibition featuring work by Wes Freed, known for his album covers for rock band Drive-by-Truckers, Bob Masse, concert poster art king, Steve Keene, Jon Langford, Brian Kershisnik, Cole Closser and J. Micah Nelson.

It's a genius idea to group these artists together in Music City.  They are from all over the country, even Canada, so the art will be a great representation of the music our nation loves, not just Nashville.

The opening reception will be held this Saturday, December 4th from 6-9 PM during the Downtown Gallery Crawl.

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