Friday, October 22

Give and You Will Receive

This fall I've been busy giving it all away. Giving art to benefits, giving time and giving energy. Sometimes it doesn't make sense because I haven't made a single dime, but I continue to believe that if you give then you shall receive.

I haven't always been a giving person. To be honest I'm selfish, but I'm detemined to end that side of me. Selfishness tends to only bring bad into my life and it seems to destroy everyone and everything it touches. So in my quest towards stopping my selfishness I decided to give as much as I could without worrying about the money or the time I'm never going to get back.

One thing I've realized along the way is that it's not about the money, art or time -- it's about the transformation. Each time I gave something up I realized I received a lot more in return. Each time I gave I got a little bit closer to becoming the person I want to be. It feels natural now to put it all out there and hope for the best. It feels like I'm doing the right thing and that's the reward.

Last weekend at the Friends with Benefits art show I was able to raise $425 dollars for The Contributor newspaper. That's the most money I've ever raised on my own for anything. It's very rewarding to see how hard work and lots of love can become something more than my imagination!

Now I'm on to the next art show I gave to this fall, Retune Nashville! It's this Saturday, October 23rd and tickets are still available. If you can please buy a ticket or bid on the artwork for auction online at

Until next time ... thanks for reading!

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