Friday, June 18

How Do You Make Your "Work of Art"?

Bravo's newest reality TV Show, "Work of Art, The Next Great Artist" is pretty darn awesome. It's a lot like Project Runway - the artists are given a challenge, make artwork, judged and one unlucky person goes home. The contestants have a variety of backgrounds from painters to performers and all very talented. If you want a crash course on Contemporary Fine Art this is your show and that is only what the judges are looking for. Last week's winner, Miles, made a bed and slept on it during the gallery show. Sound like art? Not really, but every judge nearly freaked out over it his genius presentation.

Something I've realized about art since I started watching is that every artist approaches it so differently. Some are literal, conceptual and just plain crazy. That's why I love it! I think a lot of artists approach it how they were taught in school. Painters paint and sculptors sculpt. The contestants on this show have a big challenge because this isn't a painting competition it's an art competition. It's the ideas that matter, the personal interpretation and the passion. They are judged on how well they evoke emotions, show the audience who they are and overall presentation.

This show is very inspiring to me because it makes me rethink how & why I make art. It challenges me to perform with passion and excellence in all that I do.

For more information check out their website at and you can even create your own masterpiece at the Work of Art Sketchpad!

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