Tuesday, June 15

Janis Joplin :: Musician and Artist

Probably my favorite thing ever is to meet someone who is a musician and artist. I am biased towards people who take on the challenge of nurturing both of their talents, music and art. When you love both it's hard to choose, so why choose at all? Of course one or the other is probably going to be dominant, but I admire people who do both justice.

I remember the first time I learned Janis Joplin was an artist. Our hometown, Port Arthur, TX has a museum with a permanent exhibit with her memorabilia. I always knew she was a musician, but when I was twelve and saw her artwork behind the glass of the display case I was totally taken. I don't know if it was the sequin vests or vinyl records, but I couldn't take my attention off of her exhibit. I guess it was the first time I realized someone could do both.

Janis started painting when she was just a teenager. She actually did most of her artwork between the ages of 12-20. She always wanted to be a fashion designer until she started playing music. I guess once that guitar hit her hands she couldn't go back.

I always looked up to famous people who came from Port Arthur. It made me feel like anything was possible. I always loved the arts and looked up to Port Arthur natives like her and Robert Rauschenberg for leaving the small town for a bigger brighter future.

It doesn't matter where you come from or how you grow up everyone has a chance to pursue their dreams. Some may have an easier path, but it's the hard work and dedication that will take you further than anything else.

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