Tuesday, June 22

Get In Shape, Exercise Your Effort

Just like clockwork my Fine Art Views Newsletter arrives daily to my inbox. The articles are always insightful, encouraging and remind me to think about the business of art.

This past week I read an article by Keith Bond, "Regular Compelling Newsletters Are King". Basically saying he notices peaks and valleys in his website traffic and the peaks are around when he sends his newsletter. Keith is encouraging artists to find a way to smooth those peaks and valleys by constantly promoting their website with not only a newsletter, but with all marketing materials.

I totally agree with him, I also see an increase in my website traffic after I send my newsletter on the 1st of every month. So how do we keep those stats up all month long?

His article encouraged me to take a look at my website traffic. To the left you'll see a pie graph that represents referring traffic. These are sites that refer/link people to my website. Facebook, Google, and my blog are the top referring sites. Email marketing comes in fourth. Does this disprove Keith's statement that "Newsletters Are King"? Not necessarily.

I believe whatever you are putting your energy into you will see results. I see results with Facebook because I use it a lot. Most of my friends, collectors and new contacts come from Facebook. It is my main social media spot, that's why it's number one.

This principle is true with anything in life. Results require work and work takes effort. Ask yourself how are you exercising your efforts? It doesn't take long to figure it all out when you take an honest inventory. The good thing is you can start anytime. It’s like dieting, when you are disciplined and work hard you see results, but if you don’t try than your pants just keep getting tighter.

The important task is to figure out what works for you so that you’ll stick with it. Make a plan and try it, if it doesn’t work than try something else. Just don’t give up!

Have any tips that help you keep your web traffic in shape? Please share and leave a comment.

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