Wednesday, June 23

The Perfect ArtEast Nashville Evening

I can see it now, sipping margaritas and eating guacamole on the deck at Rosepepper Cantina, then heading off to Five Points for ArtEast this Saturday. That's how I picture my Saturday evening, Mexican food and art how can you go wrong?

It's no secret ArtEast is one of Nashville's "to do" art events! There is definitely something for everyone. This is a time when friends and neighbors come together to spend an entire evening roaming the streets in East Nashville doing what they do best, enjoying life!

Stop by to see Meg at Art and Invention then grab a hot dog at I Dream of Weenie. Walk up the street to Fanny's House of Music to practice your best guitar licks. Then lick on an ice cream cone at The Pied Piper Creamery.

Now that your stomach is good and full it's time to drink! Walk over towards Billups Art to preview the latest and greatest of Nashville's art scene. Take a seat in Anthony Billups' music and art venue to hear some of the best singer/songwriter tunes around.

Don't forget about Open Lot! They are just a short drive away, and definitely worth it because this hot artist spot keeps the party going all night!

I know I have left out a ton of restaurants and venues in my art crawl scenario, but you get the picture! Come to East Nashville Saturday June 26th for ArtEast 6-9 PM and create your own perfect ArtEast Nashville evening.

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