Wednesday, April 16

Brian Copeland is Nashville and Beyond!

Yesterday, Brian Copeland visited Pilkerton Realtors to give a presentation on "Agent 2.0ing your real estate business." It was amazing. I soaked up everything he had to say. He is breaking ground in the real estate business in Nashville, TN and proves to be a perfect leader for the real estate agents who are stuck in the past.

His presentation was about selling real estate in today's tech savvy market. Most web versed people know what the latest trends are, but many real estate agents do not. Let's put the two together and BAM here comes a wildly successful business. What's stopping everyone? From what I've noticed most agents are in the age group that didn't grow up with computers and technology. They have always done business the only way they know how and that doesn't include a google account, with blogger, picasa web albums or gmail.

But things are changing and buying and selling a home is about to become a lot easier. I just wanted to give Brian a shout out for stirring the pot at Pilkerton!

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Brian Copeland said...


You are so kind. I appreciate your company's hospitality and amazing openness to hearing new idea. You guys rock!