Tuesday, April 15

Daniel's Dean

My very FIRST guitar...

I was moving to the Bahamas to teach SCUBA diving at a new dive resort on Andros Island. In 2006 I sold everything I owned, had a HUGE party, and left all my college friends in Austin, TX to move to an island... alone.

What was I thinking? Well that I needed a guitar, cause that's what you do on an island. Sit around and play guitar. So my sweet Dad surprised me with a blue guitar, "To match the color of my eyes..."

The brand is Dean, the body is large, and WOW learning guitar is hard. I know everyone out there who has learned to play guitar has had bleeding fingers and aching muscles. It's not easy, but once you get over the hump, it's so awesome cause now you can play!

So for the next year and a half I lugged that guitar around Florida airports and St Croix USVI. I played everyday, wrote my first songs and fell in love because of this guitar. I will always love this guitar.

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