Wednesday, July 6

Nashville Art Makers Is Making History

In April 2011 Nashville Art Makers was born.  Ronny Criss, creator and host of Nashville Art Makers is on a mission to unveil Nashville's best and brightest visual artists.

Criss is a fellow visual artist and a spectacular singer songwriter who features a new visual artists each month who are making the magic happen in Music City.

Criss presents each interview as a short video and transcribes the dialog for easy reading.  His You Tube Channel and blog hosts the interviews so visitors can look back at the past painters.

This is a wonderful service that active visual artists in the community need desperately.  Many times artists are only promoted through magazines and galleries, leaving out those who sell in local stores, art shows and online.  This is a great way for those hard working artists to gain attention and exposure.

Ronny is also always looking for people to promote, so if you're an artist and interested in an interview post on the Nashville Art Makers' Facebook Page with images and information about your work.

Please share and leave a comment to recommend yourself or a friend to Nashville Art Makers, inspired by Nashville!

Click Play To Watch Ronny Criss and Artist Jeff Bertrand

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