Friday, July 8

5 Tips for Creating Terrific Tomato Art

It's Tomato time!!  One of the best art shows in Nashville is quickly approaching and now it's time for the artists to create their tomato inspired work.  It's not your average art show and it takes years of experience to pinpoint exactly what it takes for the art to sell, but I'm here to help guide you in the right direction.

The Tomato Art Festival is an annual art show and event held in East Nashville at Art and Invention Gallery.  It has been voted Best Art Show for the part 4 years in a row by the Nashville Scene's reader poll and around 18,000 visitors fill the streets at Five Points.  This year it will be held on the weekend of August 13th with a pre-party event Friday, August 12th and the big festival on Saturday, August 13th.  It's always a blast -- especially if you're an artist showing in the gallery and see a little red dot on your title card, meaning SOLD!

Not every piece sells -- but to increase your chances here are 5 tips for creating terrific tomato art.

1. Community Involvement
One thing I've learned about East Nashville is that their residents love where they live. Anyway you can tie in your artwork to the community is a huge bonus with the people who will be shopping.

2. Imagination
This festival is the most creative and unique show centered around the theme, "The Tomato ... A Uniter, Not a Divider -- Bringing Together Fruits and Vegetables".  It's so much more than portraits of tomatoes it's beyond words.  Nashville has so many amazingly talented artists that it just blows my mind every year to see what people create.  The more creative you can be the better and you'll certainly get noticed.

3. Not Your Average Painting
Just because it's an "art show" doesn't mean that it's all paintings.  This show boasts jewelry, photography, fabric, mixed media -- anything and everything under the sun.  Step out of your comfort zone and do something really different -- expect the unexpected. 

4. Make It Fun
The purpose of this festival is for fun so artwork that reflects this theme it always a winner.  However you can get that message across whether it's through color, content or materials you'll automatically become a favorite.

5. Price & Size
In the past when I wondered around the gallery checking out the sold pieces I noticed most of them were $200 and under.  That seems to be the magic number so shoot for setting your price around there.  Whether your a high dollar artist or a new painter in town making your mark, adjust the size of your piece to fit into that price point.

I hope this information was helpful -- if you have any tips to add please leave a comment and share with your artists friends.  Now go get ready for the festival!  Here are a few of my past submissions, starting from 2007 - 2010 and I'm still learning!

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