Thursday, June 23

Custom Artwork for The Daytripper in Austin, TX

This past week I sent a new piece of custom artwork to The Daytripper in Austin, TX. Chet Garner is the creator and host of The Daytripper, an amazing Texas travel show on PBS and a longtime family friend.

Our two families grew up together in Church and on the campground beginning when I was just 4 years old. We've traveled all over the U.S. from the Smoky Mountains to the Rocky Mountains, so when Chet requested a Texas-size binglish art piece of the Austin skyline I had to create something great!

Before becoming The Daytripper, Chet used to be an entertainment lawyer, so he is the mastermind responsible for getting my brand name, binglish, trademarked and registered with the federal government. Instead of sending me a giant lawyer bill we agreed that a custom painting would be a much better form of payment.

"Austin, TX" was created from photographs Chet took of the buildings downtown, with acrylic paint and special tea-dyed paper that frames the outside rim of the piece. My favorite part was creating the energy in the sky with my paintbrush and different hues of blue. Austin is such an incredible city with so much energy, I needed to get that somehow into the piece.

Last night @ChetTripper tweeted, "My first original painting and my new favorite painting of all time courtesy of @bethinglish. This is talent." It feels so great to have another happy customer!

Creating custom art is one of my favorite things to do! I even wrote a blog article about that you can read here.  So if you would like a custom art piece please email me at and I'll get started on it right away.

Austin, TX 36 x 18 Mixed Media

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