Thursday, June 2

Bella Ruse will be Dazzling at the Bluebird June 5th

Think back to when you were a little kid.  Life was pretty good, wasn't it?  There was nothing to worry about and everything was awesome! Belle Ruse wants to take you back there -- to a world where wonder and amusement still exist.

Lead singer, Kay Gilette has roots in Opera and Jazz, but has landed smack dab into the indie/folk music scene with band bro Joseph Barker.  Their newly released and first full album, Kuhzoo, (fully funded by fans on has had amazing reviews and leaves their loyal listeners wanting more.

"Whether you think it's folksy jazz with pop hooks or pop-folk with a jazz twist, Minneapolis duo Bella Ruse are definitely on to something." Bethany Leavey,

"Bella Ruse grabs you with a deceptively simple beauty and a very distinctive voice. Some of my favorite music this year." Shelby Miller, Shifted Sound

This self sufficient, extremely crafty ensemble has even hit the road eco-style in a tour van powered by vegetable oil.  That creative and thoughtful energy also pours itself into the cover art and posters all created by Kay.

She is amazing talent -- everything she touches turns into an honest example of who she is and where she wants to go.

Kay and Joseph have been on three national tours, impressed festival and club audiences from coast to coast and even had their songs played on radio and television programs worldwide.  Their track 'Push On' won them a spot opening for Sarah McLachlan and Metric at Lilith Fair in 2010.

So go see this incredible duo on Sunday at the Bluebird Cafe on June 5th, I'm certain you'll be entertained! Performance begins at 6:30 PM.  Albums and merchandise are all available for sale on their website at



Poster Art by Leader Singer, Kay Gilette, Bella Ruse

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