Wednesday, May 18

Art You'll Love in Austin, Texas

A couple of weekends ago I visited my other favorite music town -- Austin, Texas for my college roommate's romantic Hill Country wedding at Villa Antonia.  Love was in the air, in the water and even spray painted on the walls.

For Katy and Josh's wedding gift, I painted a portrait of the super sexy couple from one of their engagement photos taken by Whitney Runyon Photography.  Whitney's photography is fantastic and the photos were taken in some of Austin's coolest urban scenes.  She incorporated street art into the couple's session and the photos turned out beautifully, which is why I was so inspired to paint!

My favorite Austin street art, "I love you so much" and "Hi, how are you" didn't make it into the wedding album, but they are posted below and I must say I'm crazy about them!! These word art messages just make you feel good and I like to think they are little messages from God reminding us of love and kindness.  I know others agree too because when the city wanted to paint over them the people fought and won to keep them around!  Now that's something special.

Photos by Whitney Runyon Photography

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Jeff said...

Cool post, I know these areas well. I just moved to Nashville from Austin and have started a new blog that is going to be a bit like this post.

I have found that these two cities are so similar I should document my exploration and transition from Austin to Nashville. Feel free to stop by and leave a comment or shoot me some suggestions.

Beth said...


That's awesome! What's your blog address?? Maybe we could collaborate cause I used to live in Austin too!