Tuesday, October 5

Tracie Grace Lyons in Nashville Arts Magazine

This month I wrote an article for the Nashville Arts magazine about new-to-Nashville artist, Tracie Grace Lyons. This month she is the featured artist at Village of Flowers during the Hillsboro Village Art Walk. Check out the article in the magazine and visit her work this Thursday from 5-8 pm during the event! Click here to see the actual article online!

Sweet, southern and seriously talented. That’s Tracie Grace Lyons. She’s smart, fun and very ambitious about her art career.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Drawing in one hand and her suitcase in the other the twenty three year old said goodbye to her Mississippi upbringing and has boot-scooted her way right into the Nashville art scene. Her watercolor work is influenced by her personal history, so it will be interesting to see how this young art starlet will change now that all she knows is firmly in her past.

Technically she has a distinct process and follows a formula of steps for each piece. She said, “First is composition, then the characters, color, light and environment.” Lyons gives new life to historic architecture creating intricate everyday scenes around buildings influenced by her surroundings and memories.

She sees peeling paint and broken brick and wonders about the history of the building. More interested in truth than in fiction Lyons researches a building’s history through books and interviews to accurately depict it’s essence in her paintings. She incorporates small detailed scenes into the buildings like small private windows into her character’s world. The building’s beauty is often enhanced by the personality of the people who occupy it.

Each character in her work is a direct reflection of her own life and personality. For Lyon’s, traditions are meaningful. She is inspired by her childhood memories and continues to see her self as the little girl who never quite grew up. Lyons approaches her drawings with a childlike sense of wonder. Her innocent spirit is refreshing and each piece captures that pureness in her soul. Nashville Arts welcomes this bright young talent.

Tracie Grace Lyons can be contacted through her website at www.traciegracelyons.com.

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