Monday, September 13

Retune Nashville: Behind The Art (Part 2)

Wow what a great weekend! I worked on my Retune Nashville project all day Saturday and Sunday and am right on schedule. It's a good thing I wrote my plan out last Friday, because otherwise I don't think I would have accomplished so much.

My number one goal was to have fun and simplify so that's exactly what I did. I took it step-by-step and didn't get ahead of myself. After I finished building/priming my wooden panel I started practicing with my bleaching techniques. THEY DID NOT WORK, so I had to go with Plan B.

To accomplish the look I envisioned, I decided to use white paint diluted with water and then sprayed with alcohol. I practiced a few techniques and below are my results. I am going to go with a combination of the paint drips and the paint reacting with the alcohol to achieve a watery/wet effect.

Before I can apply the watery paint illusions I have start on the collage. First, I laid out my newsprint articles and music papers. Then I laid the guitar sculpture over it to see where I should position my favorite newspaper clippings. Next, I traced out the design of the guitar pieces before collaging. Then, I glued the music paper and newspaper articles strategically in the places where they would not be covered by the guitar pieces. Last, I applied my first coat of white paint. That is where I stopped last night.

This week I am going to apply more layers of the washed out paint over the newspaper and music. The main focal point is the guitar structure, but I want to make sure the background is rich with texture and content.

Thanks so much for following my project! What did you like best about this article? The pictures? The description? The different experiments/processes? Please tell me, I write these articles for you!

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