Friday, September 17

Retune Nashville: Behind The Art (Part 3)

Drip drip drip goes the paint down the board. I posted that quote on my facebook last Wednesday because it perfectly describes what I witnessed every night last week.

I poured paint down my Retune Nashville wooden panel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each 3x a day. It looks really great and is exactly what I pictured in my mind. Below is a video I made documenting the project's process:

I got the idea to make a video from the Retune Nashville videographer, Jimmy Stratton. He has been making, Retune Minute, short videos about multiple artist participating in the show. His video skills blow mine out of the water, so I'm loving it! I watched my minute for the first time this morning and thought, what a gift from God and suddenly became very thankful for everything in my life. So I really hope you enjoy it!

Graciously, Jimmy is coming by again this afternoon to record me working on my project. I will be drilling holes and installing broken guitar pieces on the panel. First I have to make a quick trip to Home Depot!

Tickets for the art show are now on sale at Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next video in a couple weeks. Have a great Sunday!

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