Thursday, September 9

Is Your Online Artwork Working for the Web?

Have you ever thought of designing work for the web? What I mean is -- many people will see your artwork for the first time online and getting their attention isn't easy! Engaging art online vs. in person are two very different issues.

On facebook I follow a page called, Arts, Artists, Artwork. Everyday they post pictures of varies types of artwork and people comment and like etc. I pay close attention to the number of likes and comments and compare them to the type of art being posted. Over the past few months I've noticed that the artwork that is web visual friendly receives the most attention.

What makes artwork web friendly? They are simple, colorful and relatable. It's not about the small details, it's about the bigger picture. Kinda like a piece of artwork that draws you in from across the room. The goal is to engage your audience through a 1 inch x 1 inch graphic and it's not an easy thing to do.

It makes sense to try to create artwork that will translate your message easily online and offline. Here are a few examples: Whick one do you think has the most 'likes'?

1) Bill Asbury, 8 likes
2) Lubica Lintnerova, 13 likes
3) Tara Hutton, 35 likes
4) Eventide by Kaye Lake, 52 likes

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