Tuesday, August 31

Nashville's Talkin' about Art Walkin'

This week is the Hillsboro Art Walk so you're just in time to receive some good ol' fashion Nashville creative culture. The Hillsboro Art Walk opening reception is Thursday, September 2nd from 5-8 pm at 21st Avenue South in Hillsboro Village.

The shop of the month is Pangaea featuring foods from the fabulous new restaurant Belcourt Taps and Tapas. This is just TOO much. First of all, Pangaea is the coolest shop EVER where you can bet you'll always find something to buy for yourself and for a friend. Last month I couldn't leave the store without an electric guitar shaped spatula for my Dad and a silver pinky ring for myself. Get there early because Belcourt Taps and Tapas will be serving foods from their incredible menu. This restaurant has been opened about a month and I'm already in love. I ate there after last month's art walk and had their signature dish, Fried Green Tomatos. To. Die. For.

Other participating businesses are:
Clothing Xchange
featuring artwork by Emily Sue Laird
SEE Eyewear featuring artwork by Eric Sewell
A Village of Flowers featuring artist Johnathan Lewis Davis and one-of-a-kind pieces from the Lost Boys of Sudan
Zeitgeist Gallery featuring artist James Perrin
Belcourt Theatre featuring artist Lindsey Peason's film Waking Sleeping Beauty, A MUST SEE!
A Thousand Faces featuring jewelry artist Elmer Woods and music by 3 Day Monk: Rob Chanter, guitar, bass, effects, vocals; Paula Abbott, guitar, percussion, vocals; Tom Riss, drums, guitar, vocals.
Retropolitan featuring artist Lisa Haddad
Sunset Grill is featuring internationally exhibited artist, Paul Harmon
Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery featuring artist Dustin and Jemma Hostetler
Social Graces is featuring musician Stacy Lantz.

For more information visit Hillsboro Village Events on Facebook or email HillsboroVillageEvents@gmail.com

You're just in luck! The Downtown Gallery Crawl is also this week on Saturday, September 4th from 6-9 pm in downtown Nashville. Don't miss it!

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