Tuesday, August 3

A Tennessee Art and Tea Party

Saturday morning I went to my very first tea party. There were cucumber sandwiches, short bread cookies and Tennessee fruit tea. Five lovely ladies sat around a dining room table all wearing large hats discussing the idea of art and tea parties.

It's not a new idea, many artists host art parties at their friend's homes, but there is something different about incorporating tea into the mix. The idea is to bring people together over tea and have a small group of artists exhibiting. This will allow the artist a chance to share stories about their work in a setting where people can buy art.

One of the ladies made a brilliant point, "What is one thing that the US and Afghanistan have in common? Tea." For years people from all over the world have gathered around tea to engage in meaning conversation and time with friends.

Artists spend a lot of their time at shows watching people roam around their work, but how many of them does the artist actually make a connection with? Very few. I enjoyed the tea party because we sat around and talked for hours turning strangers into new friends.

One thing I've taken away over the years is that when someone gets to know me better, the chances of them buying my art increases tremendously. Buyers not only want art, but they want a story.

So whether you buy or sell your art over tea or a glass of merlot the end result is always the same, the artist makes money and the buyer goes home happy!

Do you have any creative ideas to sell art? I'd love to hear what you are doing! Please share and leave a comment.

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