Saturday, August 21

Nashville Loves Local Art in The Local Taco

Everybody is loco for local! Nashvillians love local restaurants, local foods and local art. We are very considerate to our local marketplace and the proof is popping up all around us. There are more farmers markets, independently owned restaurants and entrepreneurs surfacing with store fronts every month.

The Local Taco, a very popular Mexican food restaurant located off Murphy Road, recently opened their second location in Brentwood off Franklin. They are known for cooking up innovative Mexican cuisine and creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere. They are also known for showcasing local artwork and I was thrilled when they recently invited me to exhibit my work. I'm always looking for local spaces to share my art with so thank goodness Nashville is loco for local!

One of my newest favorite local stores is Simon Ripley's Music and Art. I got to know them a lot better when I attended their fabulous 3rd Thursday Art and Music event. They have a great selection of guitars and artwork by local artists such as Rachel Kice and Roy Stephenson. The very talented co-owner John Ripley delighted the crowd with is amazing piano playing skills and local singer/songwriter, Memarie, performed winning the crowd over with her vocals and guitar. It's such a great store and place to be, it has that something special you can only find in a local business.

So whether you're eating, drinking or buying local products thank you! Supporting local businesses is crucial to help the little guys succeed. Nashville sure does have a lot of talented entrepreneurial spirits out there! So tell me what are some of your favorite local hangouts? Products? Please share and leave a comment!

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