Tuesday, August 17

Four Ways To Fix A Creativity Problem

I don't know about you, but Nashville's summer heat has dried up all my creative juices. I was talking with a girlfriend about how I didn't have any blog ideas and it hit me, write what you know.

Right now I know that I must be going through a dry spell because the creativity isn't flowing downstream. This happens a lot to creative people out there and my best advice is to just chill out or suffer the consequences.

The consequences are a poor attitude and that will throw you into a dangerous cycle. For example: First, I realize I'm not feeling creative, then I'm frustrated because I am trying to force my brain to be creative. Next, I beat myself up that I'm not producing good enough work, then I'm down on myself even longer perpetuating the non-creative cycle. All that time wasted worrying about creativity only causes more uncreativity! It's a lose-lose situation.

So last night I decided to take my own advice to chill out and what can I say I feel better already! Use your down time to relax and reflect then eventually like a river you'll be flowing full of creativity again. To jump start your chill out try out these four tricks:

1. Take a vacation. Working too hard and long definitely leads to a burn out. Take a mental vacation for a few days and do activities that you enjoy to get your mind off of work.

2. Read a book. The best way to get back your creativity is to be inspired by someone else's.

3. Do something for someone else. Creative people are always looking inside themselves for ideas and inspirations. Now do the opposite! The best way to take your mind away from you is to help someone else. Give a friend flowers or make someone dinner, in the end the best way to receive is to always give first.

4. Exercise. There are tons of creative thinking and brainstorming exercises on the web and in books to help get your creativity going. Check out this free eBook Creative Exercises for Artists by Benoit Philippe to get started.

The best news is that dry spells don't last forever! If you have an idea that works for you please share and leave a comment! Good luck!

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