Monday, July 19

The Tomato Arts Fest Gets Saucy

The Tomato Arts Festival celebrates The Tomato ... A Uniter, Not A Divider - Bringing Together Fruits and Vegetables. It certainly does bring the community together and on Saturday, August 14th East Nashville will paint the town red with tomatoes!

This annual event is a Nashville highlight and has been voted BEST FESTIVAL by the Nashville Scene three years in a row. That's pretty serious.

So why not join in on the fun? There are more opportunities than ever this year to get involved. They want artists, cooks, runners and bike lovers. They want families, friends and the entire block to celebrate on this special day we only get once a year.

Time is running out to get involved so just go ahead and do it already! Sign on using the links below:

If you would like your event information posted please email me at!

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