Monday, July 26

Change Is Daily: 3 Ways To Cope In Social Media

Most of us avoid change. We fall into habits and do things the same every single day. Whether we like it or not, change is the best way to grow.

Now that social media is the new playing field change is more important than ever. Why do you think people go to Facebook and Twitter everyday even multiple times a day? They know that change is occurring minute by minute and want in on whatever is happening.

If you want to grow your business through online channels such as a blog, website, Facebook or Twitter page here are a few ways to start:

1. Spoon Feed Your Community
The most important way to grow your community is to feed them. Share relevant information about your business and your industry. It’s not easy finding new and interesting content everyday, but it’s not impossible. First, share with your community everything you have going on with your business. Second, follow popular blogs that are relevant to your business and share their information. By now most up-to-date blogs have sharing options integrated into each post, use those and it will save tons of time.

2. Create A Visual Environment
People love pictures! We are visual creatures and connect to visuals more than we do text. Bring your community into your world by posting photos from your work space, events and everyday life. Change the pictures on your website frequently to give your audience a reason to go back again and again. Give them the experience they deserve and they’ll turn into repeat customers.

3. Plan Your Progress
All this does not happen overnight. Take away what you will, but start by practicing these tips one day at a time. Set a goal to post on your Facebook/Twitter three times a day. Learn how to find content, then sharing it will be a piece of cake. Plan to bring your camera everywhere you go to visually document important moments in your day. Once you start to change and develop these new habits into your life -- growth isn’t too far behind

Good luck! If you have any other tips that have helped your grow your business, please share and leave a comment.

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