Thursday, June 3

Music and Art Connects Communities at Flatrock Festival

Last Saturday The Flatrock Music and Arts Festival, held at Coleman Park in Nashville, TN, created new opportunities for emerging artists and the local art buying community.

Located at the Nolensville/Thompson Lane intersection, this diverse area has 42 different nationalities represented at the local High School and is the perfect location to present art and music to such an eclectic neighborhood.

Three years ago, the Festival was developed by a group of community members from The Flatrock Heritage Foundation, Inc. This Community group formed an Arts Panel made up of working artists, art museum staff and retired art teachers. They had a vision to create an art buying destination totally supported by the local talent.

The Arts Panel held an informal review for potential artists to experience a “practice interview” as an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from industry professionals. Once selected, they are offered a free space at the event and do not charge a commission on sales.

This is a great opportunity for the new artists to measure public interest, sell their work and receive feedback from buyers. Three years ago the first festival started with 9 and this past weekend showcased 65 artists!

Over the weekend art sales exploded and prove there is clear evidence of art interest in this community. One of the artists who exhibited last year at the Festival sold nothing his first year; this year he sold 5 large paintings and will exhibit at an Atlanta Festival this summer.

I was one of those ready to buy art enthusiast! Recently I have been so blessed with my own art career that I wanted to give back to those artists just starting out -- plus purchase amazing eclectic work for my own collection. One of my first stops was Mary Lou Reynolds booth. Her paintings spoke to me and I immediately asked for prices. I told her very proudly, "I came to buy!" She couldn't have been happier! Not only was she an artist, but the Grant Writer and one of the volunteer organizers of the event. We agreed this festival was special because the artists were undiscovered and their work very affordable.

Anyone wanting to start or add to their art collection should definitely make this event a priority. It is growing by leaps and bounds and I know their 4th year will be even better! For more information please visit their website at:

Artwork by Ronny Criss and Mary Lou Reynolds.

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