Wednesday, June 2

Brandon Bagby: Music & Art that ROCKS!

Brandon Bagby is an artist based in Nashville, TN. He has been making art since the age of four. During Brandon’s high school years, he began developing a technique using colored pencils on black matte board. Blending styles of surrealism and cubism, it was then that he first began a series of music inspired pieces. He won many local and some national awards for his work throughout these years.

After graduating from Amite High School in 2001, he continued his study of visual arts at Southeastern Louisiana University. There, Brandon pursued a degree in graphic design. He was required to take at least one painting class for his curriculum. In December 2005, Brandon earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus in Graphic Design. During his last month of college, he was commissioned by a close friend to paint a music inspired oil painting. It was titled “Notes Floating.”

After graduating, Brandon had a tough time finding a career in the graphic design field. He decided to shift his career path into sales, marketing, and business management. From time to time, Brandon would and still does freelance graphic design work.

It was not until July 19, 2009, that he picked up a paint brush again. The painting Brandon began that day became what is now titled “Composition Collision.” While working on this piece, more ideas of images filled Brandon’s mind! He instantly felt a burning passion to continue expressing his ideas through painting even after the completion of “Composition Collision.”

When asked what his inspirations were to paint, Brandon claimed that, “The one thing that most inspires me to continue painting is the love I have for my wife Rebekah. No woman has ever or will ever inspire me more! I actually began ‘Composition Collision’ the day after I asked her to marry me.”

The majority of Brandon’s paintings are done with the use of oil paints and palette knife; giving each painting a very organic feel and look. Because of the technique he uses, it usually takes Brandon about a month to complete each piece. Occasionally, he will go over the painting with acrylic paint for the finishing touches as well as some light brush work for fine details. As Brandon moves further into his career as a painter, he finds himself painting larger and larger works of art.

Check out Brandon's artwork on his website: While you're there visit his online store and purchase a limited edition print!

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