Wednesday, June 9

3 Reasons To Art Crawl Nashville Style

Lately Art Crawls in Nashville have been buzzing with excitement and popularity. Last Thursday, Hillsboro Village held their 3rd crawl this Spring, ArtEast has become one of the "To Do" events in Nashville and Gallery Crawl downtown is the Mona Lisa of them all! What makes them so popular? Here are my three reasons why:

Nashville may be known for it's music, but the arts in this town could definitely stand all on their own. Every time I turn around I meet a artist/singer/songwriter/musician. You'll never find that anywhere but Nashville, Tennessee! This is a great town for emerging and internationally famous artists alike because the love and support Nashvillians give the arts is incredible. Nashville also has the venue space to show a wide variety of work will all price ranges. It's typical to find street bands at the events and because it's Nashville they are SO GOOD! We are a collective creative community -- something very rare that we don't take for granted.

We all know everyone is on a budget. Since 2007 we've been missing movies, dinners and shopping. There are many fun and free events in Nashville, but Art Crawls take the cake. They occur monthly and with the amount of talent in this town there is a never ending supply of amazing art. Most of the galleries and shops offer complimentary wine and h'orderves so you're covered on food and drinks. So many local galleries and stores are participating that it makes for an entire evening of fun. Many other forms of art are also celebrated during the crawls. During the Hillsboro Village Art Crawl they had a book signing and a chocolatier performing demonstrations. You never know what you'll find sometimes, but it's always entertaining!

Band at Provence in Hillsboro Village

If you've been to crawls, you know what I'm talking about. The fashion is so innovative I could sit on the curb in front of The Rymer Gallery on 5th and just watch people and be completely entertained. If you ever need an excuse to get all dressed and have somewhere to go, this is your chance. Personally I'm more conservative, but I wish I had the style and sense to pull off some of the outfits I see. Other the other hand, this is the South so if you want to wear your cutoff jorts go right ahead.

Next time you're looking for a fun-filled inspired evening or entertaining out-of-town guests go crawl around town and buy some Music City inspired art!

Downtown Gallery Crawl, Every 1st Saturday 6-10pm
East Nashville's ArtEast, Every 4th Saturday 6-9m
Hillsboro Village Art Crawl, Every 1st Thursday 5-8pm

Photography by Duncan Ragsdale
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