Tuesday, May 25

How To Afford Original Art

Collecting art is pretty much my favorite thing besides creating it. I started at a really young age mostly buying prints and framing them. That's how most people start. Prints are great to collect because they are very affordable and look great. If you can get an original signature by the artist, well that's even better! I sell a wide variety of prints on my website, binglishART.com and sign every single one!

The next step for collecting art is going to art shows and fairs and buying small original artwork from emerging artists. This is a little more expensive and you can expect to spend around $80 - $150 for a small piece of artwork even from a new artist. There's nothing like bringing home your new original artwork and hanging it on the wall. You'll be like a proud new parent!

From there you will discover your favorite artists, techniques and styles. The amount of money you spend on original work will continue to climb, but so will your income as you advance in your career. As you grow up and look around the walls of your home you'll have a story behind every piece of artwork.

Dare to be different and stop buying mass produced artwork. You can even create your own and all it will cost you is supplies and a Saturday afternoon of painting. That sounds pretty great!

This video sums up everything I've said and it is by some of my favorite art collectors, Bob and Cortnay Novogratz from Bravo's TV Show 9 by Design. (Please forgive the pre-video advertisement.) Now go and start your collection!

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