Wednesday, May 19

binglishART Paints "We Are Nashville"

My latest painting, We Are Nashville was donated to the Nashville Scene to raise money for flood relief. It was on silent auction at Terrazzo during a party releasing their Summer Squared: Summer Guide 2010.

I made this painting especially for event because it was important to me to give something inspired by the flood for the flood. I used an existing painting and added tea dyed paper from sheet music by blues musician Elmore James, The Sky is Crying. I was able to include the lyrics, "The sky is crying, can't you see the tears roll down the street" and that made it even more special.

Social media has been so significant during the flood disaster from organizing relief, to showing support and sharing information with family and friends. Many facebookers and tweeters have been tagging their profile pictures, "We Are Nashville" and I wanted to replicate that element into the artwork. A HUGE thank you goes out to Jenny Matthews for the highest bid!

We Are Nashville, 18x24, Mixed Media

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