Monday, April 5

Dean Tomasek: Artist and Musician

The first time I saw Dean's work was at Anthony Billup's Art Gallery at Five Points in East Nashville. It was stunning! I definitely had a jaw drop moment. I knew I had to feature him on The Music Inspired Blog!After a couple emails and permission to use his bio and photos here he is... artist and musician, Dean Tomasek:

Dean Tomasek was born in Chicago, Illinois and spent his childhood in Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming, before moving to Nashville, Tennessee on his eighteenth birthday.

His passion for art and music was evident at an early age, and also fueled his adult life, as he played bass and painted anything to make ends meet. He designed and painted signs, airbrushed jackets, did faux finishing, murals, stage sets, album covers and posters, as well as creating his own artworks. Dean has played and recorded with some of Nashville’s brightest talents, including Valentine Saloon, Bobby Bare, Jr., Will Hoge, and Leroy Powell, to name a few.

“My art is simple and direct,” Dean states. “I paint mainly from photographs, and I painstakingly try to bring out the true essence of the subject. If it’s a musician I’m painting I will listen to that artist obsessively, read interviews, and look at dozens of photos. By the time the piece is finished, I’m pretty much an expert on that subject.” Simple as it sounds; Dean’s art is beautiful and understated, relying on a few carefully chosen colors, one of them usually being black. The sheer loneliness of his abstract landscapes is stunning. His portraits live and breathe in a ghostly encomium, and his study on nature, stark and slightly eerie.

Music City has embraced Dean as being one of the most promising up-and-coming artists in a highly competitive community. His artwork resides in many living rooms, recording studios, bars, hotels, and restaurants, as well as being featured in various Nashville art galleries.

Check out Dean Tomasek's portfolio, online store, and latest news on his website at:

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