Wednesday, March 10

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...but especially those that miss the days of playing records -- the old-school way. The Daily Vinyl was created by The Dude, who loves music and especially loves playing records. He teamed up with local artist group in Nashville, The Collective Muse, to make this featured video:

Featuring "Back In The USSR" / "Dear Prudence" / "Glass Onion." East Nashville art group, The Collective Muse, brainstormed this first of (hopefully) 4 videos featuring about 9 minutes from each side of the classic 1968 album "The Beatles" (aka "The White Album").

What the viewers are saying...

Great job directing these artist and WOW on the ending!
Great video! Glass Onion: A Beatles song about Beatles songs!
Great video and vinyl rules!!! Please continue!!
This is so artistic! So interesting to watch.

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