Wednesday, February 24

Music Inspired by Six Pixels of Separation

I am reading a new book and it is firing me up! I tell everyone I know. The name: Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel, the author of The Twist Image blog. The game: How to effectively brand and connect your business online.

The past two years I pursued online marketing for my art business and had much success. I started a few blogs, a website, and am connected to many social networking sites. I used these online channels to grow my business. However, after reading this book I realized, I'm doing it all wrong. Well not all wrong, but this realization made me slam on the brakes and reevaluate my approach.

In the beginning I thought I'm going to do this the best way I know how, dive right in! Post some pictures of art with links, talk about the paintings and hope people respond. That's not enough.

In this book it explains that selling a product or building a brand online is asking people to trust you. Mitch Joel describes it as a trust economy. In order to build a brand you need people to like you and they aren't going to like you if all you do is self-promote. I thought, oh no! That's what I'm doing because I didn't know any better. So it's time for a change.

My vision is to build a community of people around my brand that are inspired by music as much as I am. I want to promote others and share everything. I want to feature artists, songwriters, musicians, and other professionals that are doing the same thing I am, making a life surrounded by creativity. That's all.

If you like this idea please let me know! If you would like to nominate someone, I’d love your suggestions! I’m ready to start shining the light on the people who are music inspired, just like me!


erika said...

hey lady! i LOVE your art! And you are super on top of it with the blog thing. i should take lessons from you! let's keep in touch. you on facebook? that's where most of my updating happens.

Beth said...

Yes mam' Of course I am, it would be unAmerican not to be.